What we do

Why use promotional products ?

Promotional products are excellent tools to expose and advertise your brand and have more longevity that any type of print media. Combined with the right message and appropriate purpose, they will prove to be an effective part of your marketing strategy and will increase brand awareness. We can help you with all of you promotional product needs in a variety of categories, such as:

New account generation and loyalty programs:
We can help you create strategies to acquire new clients using fun and innovative promotional products that will fit with your image and objectives. We can also assist you with the creation of loyalty programs which are sure to motivate clients to continue doing business with your company.

Employee recognition and service awards:
Keeping employees happy and motivated in today’s environment is paramount to any business. Plaques, trophies, or pins or any brand name gift can be used to commemorate employees’ years of service in your company. From a first year anniversary to a quarter century, we have the appropriate product to celebrate any milestone. Welcome gifts are also a great way to start a relationship with new employees.

Employee wellness, safety and education:
Promotional products can be used to motivate employees to participate in wellness programs such as weight loss and quitting smoking which are increasingly popular. Healthy employees are naturally happier employees! Promotional products can also be incorporated into your company’s safety programs; measures taken to decrease work related injuries which can save your company lots of money. Employee training, development and education are key factors that encourage personal growth in employees and help improve your organisation’s overall effectiveness and performance. Distributing promotional products with pertinent messages to any education event will create a positive impact on employees and help strengthen the key points made during the event.

Employee incentive programs:
We can help you create and implement a variety of incentive programs from internal sales incentives to motivating and retaining employees. We’ll be happy to work closely with you to find the right products to make any incentive program a success.

Tradeshows and conferences:
Choosing the right promotional product for tradeshow giveaways can help bring a lot of traffic to your booth and hence increase your business and bottom line. We can help with the choice of product giveaways for recruitment fairs, job fairs, and any other industry specific conferences and events you may have.

Special events:
From company golf tournaments, picnics, product launch parties to holiday parties, we can help you find the right solution for all your needs.